The "BSOD"

More Errors and their Causes

Here are two more errors. Have another look at the BSOD itself by clicking on the blue screen image for a larger view.

Generally, at the very top of the screen there is a line with the label *** STOP: followed by a series of numerical codes, called parameters, and a text description of the crash. The codes are used to provide additional information about the crash and vary from error to error. Below that is usually a list of the services and drivers running at the time of the crash, and the memory address of the crash (which isn't too useful unless you're a programmer).

Some of the information may seem technical however, if you find yourself with a BSOD we will need to know what it says in order to assist in fixing the problem.

Here's a couple of the more common BSODs, their corresponding error information, and some possible resolutions.


Most likely caused by an incorrectly configured device driver, but this can also pop up on machines that have a bug somewhere in their system BIOS. Check if your motherboard has a new BIOS available for it; if so, try flashing your system with it and see if that improves things. If you installed a newer device driver for something and got this error, roll back to the last device driver you installed and see if that changes anything


Bad memory is almost always the culprit here. Make sure all your memory is seated correctly and clean (dirty contacts can cause memory problems). Off-brand or cheap memory can also cause terrible problems, so spend the extra money and buy from a reputable manufacturer like Crucial, Mushkin, Kingston or another name-brand memory maker

Final Words

We'll give you a couple more next time but until then, should you have any questions about your computer, do not hesitate in picking up the phone or writing... better to contact me and be sure.

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