Windows Tips For Computer Users...
Old and New

Here are some tips that you will use at some point in your computer life... While the tips are not technical in nature they will lead to making problem solving easier.

Use Windows Help

Capture Error Messages

Use Microsoft Knowledge Base

Final Words

All computer users come upon problems from time to time, even us. No matter when that happens you want to solve that problem ASAP so you can continue on with your work or play.

On, and one final tip that is often overlooked... restart the computer. A lot of problems happen because Windows gets confused. The system will naturally make errors on its own. While they are rarely serious, it does hiccup from time to time. By clicking on Start | Turn off Computer and then Restart, Windows essentially shakes its head and clears the cobwebs. A lot of the times it will work properly when it restarts. Before you restart though you must save any files that you were working on or the information will be lost.

As always, should you have any questions about your computer, do not hesitate in picking up the phone or writing... better to contact me and be sure.

Tom @ Tata Computers