Windows Tips For Computer Users...
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Here is the next round of Tips for Windows users

Use Disk Cleanup

Change the Size of the Recycle Bin

Remove Unused Programs

Cleanup Outlook Express Mail

A friend of mine complained to me that his e-mail program took forever to open. When I looked at his Inbox there were 1,976 messages in storage. I also looked in his deleted items folder and there were 3,878 messages.

OK, I understand saving important items but jokes that someone sent you in 2001 are probably safe to delete.

You should also take a look at all of your Outlook Express (or Outlook) message folders. When you delete a message or move it to another folder, OE simply marks the original message as deleted without actually removing it. Start by right-clicking on the Deleted Items folder and emptying it. Then choose File | Folder | Compact All Folders to free up all the space occupied by those marked messages. If you've never done this before, emptying the folders can take quite a while (it took 8 minutes on my friend's computer).

Afterward, OE may load noticeably faster

Final Words

These are just a few more of the everyday hints to make your computer experience easier.

As always, should you have any other questions about your computer, do not hesitate in picking up the phone... better to contact me and be sure.

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