Security For Computer Users

What's in a cookie?

They sound innocuous enough, but some users are concerned that cookies are invading their privacy

A cookie is a text file that can collect and store information about you on the hard drive of your computer such as what web pages you've visited. Many sites use cookies as a way to track visitor information. Cookies are stored on your computer to help sites speed future access and customize information for you.

Since a cookie "remembers" your preferences it can save you time but, some people consider the use of cookies an invasion of privacy

When a cookie is placed on your computer, in theory the website that stored that cookie on your system is supposed to be the only site that can reopen that information in the future. But that's not always the case. Many sites use advertising from third parties who either are given permission to "read" that particular website's cookie or they may use their own cookies. In this way, marketing organizations can track your visits to all the sites that use those cookies

Cookie control

Final Words

As you can see, protecting yourself and your computer only takes a few minutes however, you must make the effort to be safe.

Going Wireless

In our next tip of the series we shall talk about security issues surrounding going wireless

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