The phenomenal increase in home & office networks can be attributed to the lower costs of network hardware and software, improvement in network performance and reliability, and the compelling benefits networks provide. And these days, installing a network is easier and more cost-effective than ever with the wide availability of wireless networking.

Tata Computers networking services include:

Network Selection, Installation and Setup

If you have more than one computer and more than one user, odds are you would benefit by installing a network in your home or office. We can help navigate through the many choices involved, obtain and install the necessary hardware and configure it all so it works the way you need it to. Current computers, printers, and other peripherals can usually be integrated, allowing you to leverage your previous hardware investments in new ways.

Network Troubleshooting

As wonderful as they are, networks can be as mystifying as computers when things go wrong. Fortunately we can help you keep your network resources up and running and properly "talking to each other." Troubleshooting is one of the most important things we do to help our customers.

File, Printer, and Fax Sharing

Files, printers, and fax equipment should be shared, not duplicated. Networks tie all of these resources together for convenience, value, and flexibility. We help you increase leverage from your existing investments by making any sharable resource available to any trusted computer to take advantage of shared data and devices.